BriForum 2015 Denver - Joe Shonk - Hyper-V Over SMB 3.0, Second Edition

Hyper-V Over SMB 3.0, Second Edition
Presented by Joe Shonk

Last year’s Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 was such a success, that it deserves not only a repeat, but an update! With the release of Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 and soon to be release of Windows Server 10, Microsoft has changed the game with updates to a number of technologies including Hyper-V and SMB 3.0, and introduced a number of new technologies like storage space, data de-duplication, tiering, etc. This year’s session includes updated performance metric, which include NEW head-to-head number with iSCSI and NFS. Attendees will learn:

  • A good understanding of Microsoft's strategy and position of SMB and Hyper-V over SMB
  • Why this architecture should at least be considered as their next virtualization platform, especially if they are looking Hyper-V as their hypervisor platform
  • How to build and configure a basic scale out file system cluster and how to configure Hyper-V to leverage it

Session Takeaway: Learn why (and how) to implement Hyper-V over SMB 3. SMB 3 really is a game changer as it takes everything we've ever learned about SMB (v1 and v2) and tosses it out the window.



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