BriForum 2015 Denver - Ian Parker - Getting the Most Out of the SysInternals Tools

Getting the Most Out of the SysInternals Tools
Presented by Ian Parker

The SysInternals suite of tools contains some of the most useful tools ever written for IT professionals. Tools like Process Monitor and Process Explorer have probably solved more application delivery and virtualization problems than any tool ever written. For all the power and usefulness of these tools, they can be difficult to use and understand. In this session, we discuss techniques to make these tools easier to use and understand, and explore some lesser known features that can help you deliver applications easier and more reliably. In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to focus data gathering to cut down on the “noise” of the SysInternals tools
  • Explore features that can make using them easier
  • Discover problem solving techniques to address application issues
  • Use SysInternals tools to profile an application and better understand how they execute

Session Takeaway: Gain a deeper understanding of ubiquitous, but often not well understood tools. Learn how to profile an application’s behavior and resolve application compatibility problems.



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