BriForum 2015 Denver - David Stafford - I, For One, Welcome Our New Enterprise Consumer Overlords

I, For One, Welcome Our New Enterprise Consumer Overlords
Presented by David Stafford

The battle is over. Resistance has proven futile. In the enterprise, consumers have won and we are just along for the ride. Come along as we examine consumerization topics ranging from FUIT to BYOD, and security to obscurity. With a blend of history, humor and sarcasm, we look at what the next 2-3 years will mean as we make the transition from being IT authorities to IT guidance counselors. Those still standing after this intense session will have learned:

  • The mandatory requirements of modern enterprise consumers
  • How enterprise IT must transform to be a member of the enterprise consumer community.
  • How exciting the next 2-3 years will be for IT professionals that are ready to lead this charge.

Session Takeaway: Improve upon the 'sit back and relax' nature of the past by learning a few calls to action to help you make new arguments to your bosses on how to thrive in a consumerization culture.



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