BriForum 2015 Denver - Darwin Sanoy - Windows Packagers Forecast: DevOps Winds Are Blowing

Windows Packagers Forecast: DevOps Winds Are Blowing
Presented by Darwin Sanoy

If you work with traditional windows application packaging automation, you might feel that DevOps is only applicable to startups and for building online businesses that generate direct customer value and revenue through new software features. Perhaps you work for a 60-year old public company whose customer value comes from manufacturing physical products. Is there really anything in the DevOps buzz for you (except a headache)? Like many paradigm shifting movements, DevOps started with one focus, but turned out to be valuable in much broader contexts. If you have traditional windows application packaging skills, you may be in a unique position to transition to DevOps. If you aren't up for a transition, you can add a lot of value right where you are by applying DevOps culture, concepts, and disciplines to your current work. This session is designed to help you understand why and how studying DevOps can benefit your career, your colleagues, and your company. First, we'll talk about why you should consider it. Then, we'll outline a plan of attack to help you add new perspectives and tools to your career toolbox. You’ll explore:

  • DevOps culture and processes and how they apply to non-typical organizations
  • How Windows packaging skills could be uniquely valuable to Windows DevOps initiative
  • The core cultural tenants and technologies to start dabbling in

Session Takeaway: You will be able to articulate how the hot new wave of DevOps technology can apply to your organization. While DevOps is also considered a transformational movement, there is always value in being focused on what managers are willing to budget for.



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