BriForum 2015 - (Denver) A Powershell Tutorial for Controlling all Aspects of Your Desktop Virt

How to Make PowerShell Sit Up and Beg: The Essential Tutorial for Creating Scripts That Control All Aspects of Your Desktop and Server Farm
Presented by Kevin Goodman

Sure, you can go to some other conference this year to learn how to create registry entries and move files around by writing Windows PowerShell scripts. But, in just 75 minutes at BriForum, you will learn how to do anything you can do in C#, C++, or Java with a PowerShell script. Learn how to build a GUI application that rivals any app built by those snobs over in development. Learn how to control any application, including services and device drivers. Most importantly, you’ll learn "how-to-learn" similar techniques for everything we don't cover in this session. Do you need to be a programmer to attend this session? Nah. If you understand the concepts of sequence, selection, and iteration and know how to read OPC (other people's code), then you will benefit from this session. You will learn how to write posh scripts that:

  • Control other applications including services and kernel mode device drivers
  • Have a GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Elevate privileges to allow non-administrative users to perform administrative tasks
  • Run in the context of another user
  • Create and consume events from the Event Manager

Session Takeaway: Even if you are not an advanced programmer, this session will enable you to tackle advanced projects by simply writing scripts. Impress your C++ and Java friends with scripts that can do everything their languages can do -- with less time and effort.



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