BriForum 2015 - Computer Graphics and Multimedia: A Survival Guide for IT Pros

Computer Graphics and Multimedia: A Survival Guide for IT Pros
Presented by Benny Tritsch

Are you ready to learn about computer graphics and multimedia concepts used in modern enterprise IT? If you ever wanted to know what the difference between Direct3D and OpenGL is, how your office apps may benefit from GPUs, what a graphics API is, how video and audio codecs work, why the Windows Driver Display Model is something you should be aware of, and how this all influences the performance of your RDS/VDI environment, then this session is for you. Benny Tritsch introduces all the graphics and multimedia basics every IT pro should know. After this session, it will be easier for you to talk to software developers and understand performance affects you see on local graphics workstation and in remoting environments. This session will:

  • Introduce you to fundamental graphics and multimedia concepts on Microsoft Windows
  • Demonstrate skills that will make an immediate impact on your next virtual desktop implementation
  • Provide expert guidance on how GDI, DirectX, OpenGL, CUDA, WPF, Flash, Silverlight, MP4 and WMV work

Session Takeaway: A growing number of IT pros have to deal with high-end graphics applications and multimedia requirements in their enterprise environments. Unfortunately, not many of them have a profound education in computer graphics fundamentals, both on the software and on the hardware side. In this session, attendees learn the most important system management facts they need to know about graphics and multimedia on modern Windows systems (on-prem and from the cloud).



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