BriForum 2015 - Can't Fix Your Application Issue? Try to Break It Instead!

Can't Fix Your Application Issue? Try to Break It Instead!
Presented by Drew Walz and Ryan Will

Sometimes knowing how to break a Windows application can be the best way to determine how to fix it. "Break-it" triage can help you quickly identify the general category of what's causing the problem with an app, and suggest acceptable short term workarounds. Deep-dive application troubleshooting tools and practices are great, but they require time, effort, and focus to use. In a customer outage situation, you'll typically need to find a fix more rapidly. We'll cover quick application troubleshooting triage tactics and workflows that will help you zero in on the source of the problem:

  • "Break-It" application triage workflow
  • Key tools to use
  • Example application issues and workarounds

Session Takeaway: It's easy to get lost in the details of the "why is it broken" question when troubleshooting Windows applications. Attendees will learn to quickly determine the general category of the problem, and develop workarounds to get customers back up and running.



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