BriForum 2015 - Browser Management 101: How Web Browsers Work, and Why Managing Them is a Problem

Browser Management 101: How Web Browsers Work, and Why Managing Them is a Problem
Presented by Matt Heller

Browsers are a core component of the enterprise desktop and the mechanism by which users access most business applications. More workflows are added each day that rely on the browser, yet most desktop admins take the browser for granted. After all, it's just a browser right? In actuality, the browser is more of a run time compiler than pure end user application. There’s likely much more you don't know about browsers, but you must be ready to manage a browser-based application environment. In this session, we cover everything from how browsers work to the variations between vendors. We review the “big three”: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and give you an introduction into the new Spartan browser from Microsoft. Learn what causes web applications to break version to version. We look at all the variables that come into play when a single page gets loaded, spend time understanding how web application management is going to be crucial to the long term success of any enterprise, and show how you can get ahead of the issues to avoid future pain. All of these elements are brought together to provide a real understanding of the challenges of managing the browser, both as an application and a platform. In short, attendees will learn:

  • How browsers actually work (all the pieces and parts)
  • What causes web apps to break
  • How to deal with insecure web application parts
  • Why standards will never solve this problem
  • What's coming with the new Spartan browser from Microsoft

Session Takeaway: Coming out of this, you will understand why web applications break, pick up some handy ideas on how to fix it, and even prevent it from being a roadblock for your business.



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