BriForum 2015 - Avoid Common Mistakes and Implement Best Practices with VMware Horizon PCoIP

How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Implement Best Practices in VMware Horizon PCoIP Deployments
Presented by Randy Groves and TJ Vatsa

This session reviews the most common mistakes that customers make in their VMware Horizon and PCoIP deployments, and provides best practices for configuring server, storage, networks, clients, operating systems, applications, and the protocol. This session explores:

  • Common mistakes customers make when deploying VMware Horizon and PCoIP solutions
  • Best practices for setting up your servers, storage, network, and client hardware to achieve a successful on-premises deployment
  • Options for managing and configuring the OS images, desktop pools, and applications for maximum operational efficiency
  • Advice on how to properly tune the PCoIP protocol and your networks to fit various use cases and network environments in your deployment

Session Takeaway: If you are getting ready to deploy, or are in the middle of deploying a VMware Horizon and PCoIP solution, this session will help you prepare for a successful deployment. Get ready for lots of "Hey, look at this neat trick I learned!"



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