BriForum 2015 - Automating RDS Deployment and Scaling with VMM Service Templates

Automating RDS Deployment and Scaling with VMM Service Templates
Presented by Greg Shields

Service templates are arguably one of VMM's most-powerful features, but they're also one of the least understood. Not only do they automate a VM's deployment, but also its post-deployment configuration. Well-designed templates can scale a service in and out to quickly bring additional resources to bear. Imagine a Windows RDS environment that deploys and/or rebuilds itself with a single mouse click or PowerShell command. Imagine that environment automatically scaling up with additional RDSH servers to meet user demands, and then scaling back down when load levels diminish. With effort, none of these are fantasy. In this 100% demo session, we explore a prototype service template for automating RDS deployment and scaling. You'll leave with new ideas for building your own automations using a part of VMM you might have otherwise ignored. In this session, you will:

  • Learn the intricate details of VMM service templates, where they work and where they don't
  • See how VMM service templates and PowerShell combine to facilitate server configuration at the moment of deployment

Session Takeaway: Leave with click-by-click instructions you need to build your own prototype RDS service templates the moment you return home.



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