BriForum 2015 - Application Virtualization: Best In Show (A Comparison of App Virt Platforms)

Application Virtualization: Best In Show (A Comparison of App Virt Platforms)
Presented by Rory Monaghan

App-V may be the current market leader in terms of user base, but it isn’t the only game in town! Join Rory for a deep dive into the biggest application virtualization solutions on the market and an exploration of what they offer. (e.g. ThinApp, Symantec Workspace Streaming\Virtualization, Numecent Application Jukebox,, CloudHouse, Cameyo, AppVolumes, and Unidesk). App-V still has benefits over its competitors (a solid online community, affordable licensing for existing SA customer, various forms of integration, etc.), but it requires coming to terms with its limitations. Rory also looks at solutions such as Numecent Application Jukebox, AppVolumes and Unidesk: applications that can give you awesome dynamic delivery with less of the limitation headaches.

Session Takeaway: You know about App-V, but might not be aware of its competitors. Get candid insight into each of the products so that you can accurately evaluate the pros and cons.



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