BriForum 2015 - Advanced Performance Analysis: Moving Beyond Perfmon and the Basics


Advanced Performance Analysis: Moving Beyond Perfmon and the Basics
Presented by Ian Parker

In the age of the cloud and VDI, performance issues can cripple a business in almost no time, and time-to-resolution is critical. Tools like Perfmon and Task Manager have been core parts of the Windows Server OS since the beginning. While still useful today, they don’t always provide an administrator deep visibility inside a SBC or VDI environment. Fortunately, there are new tools and techniques available. If you are looking to gain deep insight into the performance and responsiveness of Windows servers and their associated infrastructure, this session will hone in on the new options.  

  • How to get beyond the basics of server health
  • How to look deep into individual subsystems
  • How to analyse storage performance when storage is increasingly abstracted from the OS
  • How to fill in the gaps that older tools can’t address

Session Takeaway: Gain insight into issues faster than before and gain the ability to gather information previously unavailable, make sense of critical issues faster, and enforce SLAs easier.



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