BriForum 2015 - AWS AppStream vs. Azure RemoteApp: A Technical Smackdown

AWS AppStream vs. Azure RemoteApp: A Technical Smackdown
Presented by Mike Nelson and Benny Tritsch

With technology advancements such as Microsoft's Azure RemoteApp and Amazon Web Services AppStream, the days of on-premises application delivery may be numbered. These way cool mechanisms for application delivery have numerous pros and cons for everyone, from the individual to the big enterprise. Grab a seat and we will take a long look at both of them, extract the advantages and disadvantages of each along the way, and show you how each are in use today. Evaluate them against the tried and true standards of today's on-premises application delivery technologies, such as XenApp and VMware Horizon, and find out what you should consider if you are thinking of moving either partially or “all in” to these cloud offerings. Totally Awesome Dude! You will:

  • Get a complete understanding of how Microsoft RemoteApp and AWS AppStream work
  • Learn how they compare to each other and how they compare to the traditional on-premises delivery mechanisms
  • Find out how to get started and test the waters to see if these are good fits for you and your business

Session Takeaway:Earn bragging rights on knowing what is available from the two biggest cloud remote application delivery mechanisms, and understand how they could affect your existing implementation of Citrix or VMware in your business.



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