BriForum 2014 London - Tim Mangan & Patrick Mangan - In-Depth Debugging in App-V

In-Depth Debugging in App-V
Presented by Tim Mangan & Patrick Mangan

This session is a deep dive through the various techniques to debug Microsoft App-V packages, as well as situations involving other products that add registry and file system filter mode drivers (such as AppSense, Res, and other user profile products). The overall theme of the session is focused on a series of techniques for debugging difficult virtual app interactions conveyed through a combination of explanations, demos, and examples of debugged issues. In this session you will learn a recommended debugging workflow for App-V, some tools you probably are not using today, and some new techniques to using tools you probably already use. Along the way, you will also learn internal details about how Windows and the App-V client operate. And maybe a side story or two.

Attendees will learn:
• How products with filter-mode drivers work and interact 
• A new way to use ProcMon 
• Workflow and process of app and layering troubleshooting

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