BriForum 2014 London: Thin Clients–How to Make the Right Decision for Your Company

Thin Clients – Don’t Believe the Myths. How to Make the Right Decision for Your Company
Presented by Andy Morgan & Shawn Bass

The current state of the thin client market is zero, thin and fat. A lot has changed in how we deliver to end points but customers aren't aware of the pitfalls associated with their quick decisions. New challenges and technologies focused around offload have emerged, what do you need to be aware of to make an informed decision?

Debunking Thin Client myths, avoiding their pitfalls: 
• 7 year life cycles… yeah right
• Linux is more secure
• Zero client’s performance
• Disk space
• Vendor development focus

• Do you really understand the licensing implications of your decision? 
• Where do I need a VDA / csl / RDS Cal. 
• How does Microsoft SA help?

Windows end points:
• Security vs usability
• Should they be domain joined? 
• Should the user sign in as themselves? 
• How can this be achieved using available technologies? 
• Understanding the key features in Windows Embedded to help secure the device
• Antivirus, do I require it?

Here to the rescue: Wouldn't a thorough decisional tree to aid you with your decision of which thin client may suit you best? A concise list will be presented of decisions to be weighed up when buying a thin client. An awareness of the gotcha's surrounding the key decisions you will face and some real world experience lessons learned to take away. You’ll also get a better understanding of the licensing implications of thin clients.

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