BriForum 2014 London - Mike Nelson - Automating vSphere Interals with PowerCLI Orchestrator

Automating vSphere Interals with PowerCLI & Orchestrator
Presented by Mike Nelson

Automate! Automate! And Automate Again! Manual tasks are becoming a thing of the past, and with tools like PowerCLI and Orchestrator, you can have sleek and clean ways of performing even the most routine tasks with fast and error-free automation. We'll take a look at how these two technologies can help improve your processes, how they work, along with showing you some real world examples that rock!

Attendees will learn:
• How to use PowerCLI & Orchestrator to create automated tasks to simplify and save time
• Create reproducible and reusable scripts for all your environments
• Understand how the software can work together to produce even more automation



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