BriForum 2014 London: How to Be Successful with GPU Virtualisation

How to Be Successful with GPU Virtualisation
Presented by Thomas Poppelgaard & Magnar Johnsen

Do you know what type of applications that can benefit from GPU in virtual environments? Do you know the impact of running 3D applications in a virtual environment? Do you know how to plan and build a successful virtualisation solution with a GPU? Do you know how GPU intense your users are? What if you use some tools that would save you time and give you better success with your GPU virtualisation project.

In this session, we will show you some tools and methods that will enable you to plan, assess, scale, implement and monitor a GPU virtualisation solution in a very smart way. We will show real life experience from GPU virtualisation projects and how different 3D and CAD applications perform in a virtual environment.

You will learn:
• How to assess GPU intense application before implementing
• How to scale test virtual GPU applications 
• How to monitor virtual 3D applications 
• About pitfalls and things to look for when planning for GPU in virtualisation



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