BriForum 2014 London - Graeme Bailey - How to Get to the Root Cause of a Problem–QUICKLY!

How to Get to the Root Cause of a Problem–QUICKLY!
Presented by Graeme Bailey

If you are interested in how to unblock a brewery order processing system; enabling the warehousing system of a pop (sorry, soda!) company to resume manufacturing; identifying and resolving multiple sources of packet loss in the Citrix environment of a law firm; finding several bottlenecks in an insurance company's outsourced VDI environment, or even; speeding up every application for another law firm by eliminating their SAN conflicts, you should attend this session. Graeme will use client case studies to walk through the process, tools and incredible pace to a resolution that can be achieved when you take a holistic end to end approach to technical troubleshooting.

Attendees will learn:
• No problem is so complex it can't be resolved.
• An approach to troubleshooting that is proven to work
• Techniques they can use when trying to understand performance problems
• He who has the real data about and understanding of a problem wins



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