BriForum 2014 London - Adnan Hendricks - Virtualising the User Workspace

Virtualising the User Workspace 
Presented by Adnan Hendricks

This session showcases Adnan’s vision of the perfect user workspace driven by Microsoft UE-V, an enterprise-scale user state virtualisation solution that delivers a personal experience across multiple devices. Showing simplicity in deployment and easy integration with other management tools. The new user workspace contains different platforms and virtual applications with App-V, virtual environments from VDI to fat clients see how UE-V smooth’s the kinks keeping users on track within their workspace. An enabler in the BYO time period. 

Attendees will learn:
• From the base image and user profiles to roaming / virtualising the user settings in windows and applications 
• How to create the best enterprise desktop environment
• Configuring and using Microsoft UE-V, UEV Deployment in the enterprise
• Which approach to deploying Applications using App-V.

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