BriForum 2014 Boston - The Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Application Model in Painful Detail


Presented by Kevin Kaminski & Nicke Källén

Ever wonder how people are using the application in the real world? Do you understand the constraints for multiple deployment types and multiple deployments? Do you know how to make software uninstall automatically? How are applications treated if they are still running? We will take the time to discuss the design principals used for designing application management solutions within the Configuration Manager Application Model. We will focus on delivering traditional and virtual applications to your endpoints with common scenarios such as user targeting, machine targeting and operating system deployment.

Attendees will:

• Understand the design mechanics of applications, deployment types and collections
• When an application is in use and understand how Configuration Manager enforces state compliance for traditional, App-V 4 and App-V 5 applications
• Understand how to implement uninstall conditions for user targeted and machine targeted applications
• Discover when the Application Catalog is a requirement and best practice for using the Catalog



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