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No Write-back feature yet?


Hi Totie,

We have not announced plans for write-back technology as of yet and we’re seeing great results without it. Customers are seeing 85% offload, resulting in 5x latency reduction and stabilization in their production environments with Infinio today.

Note that reads can be completely offloaded and satisfied by an I/O optimization layer without accessing back-end storage. Writes can only be delayed or deferred, but must ultimately still be committed to persistent storage.

That said At VMworld, we announced our 2.0 product which includes:

• Unified Storage support, adding Fibre Channel SANs, iSCSI, FCoE and hybrid topologies to our existing NFS support. Infinio 2.0 will continue to be completely transparent to your operations, supporting all native storage array capabilities.

• Application level reporting with end-to-end drilldown from datastore to per-application views. This capability allows visibility into workload composition to better analyze performance and perform root cause analysis on I/O anomalies all while Infinio also mitigates their effect.

• Cache Advisor capability which helps admins empirically determine how much memory to dedicate to Infinio’s cache by calculating the actual results that would have been achieved for selected period of time with different cache sizes.

• Cache tuning with heuristics and algorithms for even better support of VDI workloads.

We have been busy!"