BriForum 2014 Boston - Rory Monaghan - You're Paying for MDOP Anyway…Make the Most of It


Presented by Rory Monaghan

Many enterprise IT shops operate with enterprise agreements with Microsoft, many are Software Assurance customers which provides them with access to Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. App-V has made its presence known in that landscape; it is part of the pack, many overlook the other tools available as part of the suite. I believe if the benefits are all put out on the table, more will consider implementing more of them.

Topics include:
• App-V: An Overview of the benefits of App-V. Also a breakdown of the different type of infrastructure architecture which can be implemented and cost considerations.
• UE-V: An Overview of UE-V. How using UE-V with App-V can help get you closer to that non-persistent desktop experience without the added cost of paying for AppSense or RES tools. Of course the considerations of limitations compared with those other solutions need to be factored.
• MBAM: Why it may not be the best but who it might suit. Do you already use BitLocker? Do you struggle with other encryption tools prohibiting your support teams from deploying critical applications or scripts which require a reboot? Is your current encryption tool hurting your imaging process? MBAM may help.
• AGPM: Get more transparency and control over Group Policy Object changes. This is a problem faced by many companies. Provide the ability to assign different roles to administrators, set up change control and roll back controls. BUT beware, its success means you need to take away some access levels from your administrators.
• DaRT: Another toolset which would be stupid not to leverage if you have access to it. A one stop-shop for technicians. A run through of the tools and their uses.
• MED-V: This just gets a mention. By the time of the event, this will be redundant. If there's no new release before then, it will be mentioned, otherwise, it will not. XP Mode with centralized control...

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