BriForum 2014 Boston - Rick Dehlinger - Orchestrating Cloud Desktops, The Citrix Way


Presented by Rick Dehlinger

Many industry insiders believe that 2014 will be the "Year of Cloud Hosted Desktops" (R.I.P. DaaStm!). Recent announcements and investments by the gorillas in the desktop virtualization industry would tend to support this assertion. One of these proverbial gorillas (Citrix) has been investing in a technology called 'App Orchestration', which they're positioning as an enabling technology for enterprises and Citrix Service Providers who are ready for the journey. So... what the heck is App Orchestration, and why should I care?

This session will seek to answer these questions and more, including:
• Should I be paying attention to App Orchestration? I'm not a Cloud Desktop Service Provider...looks interesting on paper
• How does it really work? 
• Where does it make sense to use it? 
• Where does CloudPortal Services Manager fit into the mix? Do I need it to get value out of App Orchestration?

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