BriForum 2014 Boston - Pierre Marmignon - Back to Reality: VDI, EMM, MD, MYOD are Overrated!

Presented by Pierre Marmignon

VDI, EMM, MD, BYOD are overrated! Most of the desktops are good old physical ones and nobody cares about their users! While for years now new desktop replacements have been arising, none of them have been able to replace the good old fashioned Windows desktop! While everyone is raving about the new VDI/BYOD/EMM/MDM stuff, the majority of enterprise desktops still consist of good old physical Windows PC with a crappy user experience. And it's not gonna change now! 

Attendees will learn:

• A pragmatic view of the reality of enterprise desktop/devices
• Why is the old physical desktop still the number one device for enterprises
• What can we do to make it better
• Will this Windows desktop ever be replaced?
• Why will it be so hard for new devices/usages to arise?

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