BriForum 2014 Boston - Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen - The Worst Citrix and Microsoft 'Best Practices'


Presented by Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen

Still think the pagefile should be 1.5x RAM? Is not redirecting AppData a best practice? Are you a firm believer that Citrix PVS should be made a physical box no matter what? Is session reliability still “The Devil”? Think again. In this session we’ll explore some of these old best practices as they relate to Citrix and Microsoft technologies. We’ll debunk myths and set the record straight by providing the new leading practices in these areas. 

In addition, we’ll take a fresh look at some of the more popular controversial topics, such as:
• Local storage vs. shared storage
• PVS stream traffic isolation vs. consolidation
• Single farm vs. multiple farms
• MCS vs. PVS 

Attendees will learn:
• That best practices are sometimes crap, they change and evolve every day. There is a reason we say "it depends" so much.
• How customers are using things like MCS, local storage and multiple farms.
• Why shared storage and a single large farm can be stupid decisions.
• You will be the smartest Citrix and MSFT person at your company after attending this session.
• You will know all the new/latest best practices.

If you like what you see, maybe you should attend in person. This year we have two BriForums. BriForum London is from 19-20 May at etc Venues St Paul location, and BriForum Denver at the Westin Denver Downtown (both are great locations!). Attendees get exclusive access to the videos from BOTH shows as soon as we can process them (around 2 weeks after a show) until we open them up to the public around 6-8 months later. Attend one BriForum and you get access to 83 amazing sessions!

For more information, including a list of sessions at each show, check out If you'd like to cut to the chase and register, we'd love to see you there!


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