BriForum 2014 Boston - New Test Results: Virtual Desktop Performance on HTML 5 Clients


Presented by Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass

With HTML5 based web clients and the fact that every modern browser is HTML5 aware, the possibilities to remote into virtual desktops are almost limitless. But what does this mean for performance and user experience? See Benny Tritsch and Shawn Bass use their unique, vendor-independent test methodology allowing them to visually compare VMware Horizon View 5.3 web client (Blast HTML5), Citrix HTML5 Receiver and Ericom AccessNow versus native reference remoting clients.

Attendees will:
• Learn how HTML5 clients for remote desktops work
• How good is the performance of VMWare Horizon View Blast HTML5, Citrix HTML5 Receiver and Ericom AccessNow
• Which use cases are best suited for HTML5 clients

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