BriForum 2014 Boston - Michael Thomason - Ten Things We Think About VDI But Are Afraid to Talk About


Presented by Michael Thomason

Have we reached a point where we accept all the bugs in our desktop virtualization solutions as "features"? Are you saying everything is all right while secretly wondering if you could do a better job as a product manager for Company X? Have you looked at Company Y and concluded they're in the same boat?

In this session, Michael Thomason will go into the top ten pink elephants that are floating around the IT departments today. He'll look at how application virtualization has evolved and why it doesn't solve the application delivery problems that we have today, how to identify bugs and prove they're not "features," and why Profiles and Policies are antiquated ideas. Michael will also talk about how even though VDI isn't the answer to everything, it is possible to deliver game-changing VDI technology at reduced costs, while also putting to bed the conversation about persistent vs non-persistent desktops.

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