BriForum 2014 Boston - Mark Knouse - Virtual Rescue: Saving IT and the Enterprise from VDI Disasters


Presented by Mark Knouse

You’ve been there before. There’s a new restaurant in town and everyone is excited about checking it out. The disappointment when the service is slow, the food is terrible and the drinks are watered down is soul crushing. The same soul crushing disappointment is experienced every day by employees subjected to VDI disasters. VDI disasters have a variety of symptoms ranging from slow start up to interminable print jobs to ever expanding and expensive storage. Before scrapping the whole thing, call in a VDI rescue expert to track down problems and restore productivity. A trusted consultant is often the only solution that makes sense. Internal IT is so busy fighting fires that there’s no time to implement the necessary solutions for a VDI rescue and productivity suffers throughout the business as a result. VDI is susceptible to the “Cowboy Culture” where IT spends all of their time riding in to save the day for problems they created in the first place. "Cowboy Culture" VDI disasters share a few common elements: poor documentation, constant help desk calls and poor stack integration.

In this session, longtime corporate IT veteran and VDI evangelist Mark Knouse will discuss the soul crushing VDI installations he’s seen and how to build a trusted consultant relationship while turning around a VDI disaster. 

Attendees will learn:
• How “Cowboy Culture” breaks down an IT department and kills enterprise productivity
• How to recognize when the client needs to be saved from themselves
• A non-proprietary approach to IT and VDI combined with solid documentation, simple solutions and thorough knowledge transfer is the best way to build a trusted consultant relationship
• How important it is to have ownership of the stack, or at least tight and seamless integration with other layers and work with other service domains to find problems before production

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