BriForum 2014 Boston - Lightning Round Sessions


How to Tell When Your SSD Will Burn out 
Presented by Jim Moyle

With the great variety of enterprise class SSD drives out on the market, how do you tell which one you need? In this session, storage expert Jim Moyle will show you how to calculate which SSD you need for your VDI and XenApp project. Using this data you can ensure you both keep within warranty so you will be supported in case of a burn out and avoid spending too much on your drives.

Automate or Die; IT Pro Skills for the Next 20 Years
Presented by Tim Mangan

Whether you move your data and applications to the public cloud infrastructure or leverage new and exciting products to keep it in-house, the landscape for how IT professionals perform their duties are changing. "Automate or Die" refers to the need to utilize emerging tools of many kinds to perform the routine tasks that you do today. Rather than work you out of a job, this enables you to take on different tasks tomorrow. What skills will be most in demand and how can you prepare for it? In this session we will talk about how IT pro jobs are changing, what you should be doing now, and what skills you will need to learn for your career in order to compete in the future. This independent session should prove to be a lively one, designed to be informative and interactive with the audience.

VMware View vs. RDS: The Land of Good Enough
Presented by Dwayne Lessner

This is a comparative session on the features of VMware View and Microsoft RDS. Hyper-V 2012 R2 with RDS has come a long way. This session will give a comparison of features and what would cause you to select one over another in regards to virtual desktops. This session will cover display protocol, storage architecture, broker architecture, site failover, application support, licensing, GPU support and operational impacts of maintaining the overall system. Using like systems, we'll explore the time and effort needed to deploy 400 desktops on both VMware View and Microsoft RDS and how you go about maintaining your fleet. 

Attendees will learn:
• The operational impacts of selecting VMware View vs. Microsoft RDS
• Are the advanced features of VMware View needed for successful deployment?
• What third party products could be used to enhance View and RDS on features that might be lacking in your organization?
• Are you able to switch if you start with RDS and then move to View?

Mobile OS Smackdown: IOS vs. Android vs. Windows
Presented by Michael Thomason

Confused on what mobile platform to adopt? Want to adopt them all? Attend this lightning round to learn pros/cons of each platform.

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