BriForum 2014 Boston - Ian Parker - Crash Debugging for Beginners


Presented by Ian Parker

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Few things have greater impact on production services, few things are more cryptic, and few things make upper management more unhappy than server crashes. Sadly, terminal servers still seem to be prone to BSODs more than any other server workload. Recent versions of Windows have come a long way in eliminating the BSOD, but as long as there is Windows there will be BSODs. In this session we will examine some tools and methodologies for analyzing and classifying BSODs, including detecting badly behaved drivers and applications.

• Attendees will understand what causes BSODs
• Attendees will become familiar with tools to analyze BSODs
• Attendees will become familiar with ways to identify and resolve BSODs
• Attendees will learn ways to insure the stability of their environment



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