BriForum 2014 Boston - How to Implement a Large VDI 3D GPU Project: An Aerospace VDI Case Study


Presented by Steve Greenberg & Jared Cowart

Phase I- The information presented is based on a project done with a real world Aerospace Company (not named because they do spooky stuff). Topics include how to classify users and use cases, performance levels, approaches to infrastructure design, and, developing an innovative security model. A sample Bill of Materials for Servers/Storage/GPU will be presented as well as guidance on configuring the data center, and, how to transform the organization to adopt Cloud concepts, strategies and operational practices. 
Phase 2- Deep Dive into GPU capabilities from different vendors that are GRID enabled, available functionality, features/benefits and, how they fit into system design decisions. These will include Citrix leveraging VMware, XenServer, VMware on VMware, RGS on VMware or Citrix.

Attendees will learn:
• Key concepts around delivering virtual desktops with remote 3D graphics
• How to quantify use cases and apply proven solutions to a wide range of performance requirements (how many vGPUs, XenDesktop vs XenApp, density, etc.
• Learn the key components of a proper VDI architecture design (servers, storage, I/O)
• Clear the FUD by learning the 3D capabilities of multiple vendor products

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