BriForum 2014 Boston - How Folder Redirection Impacts User Experience and Breaks Applications


Presented by Aaron Parker & Shawn Bass

Everybody uses it, many think about it, some despise it, but nobody really knows how it affects the health of their IT. Until now. Folder redirection is a controversial topic: even though rumored to have potentially grave effects on reliability and performance, it is widely used not only with server-based computing but also with physical and virtual desktops. Lacking objective research, many administrators find it hard to argue the case for alternatives. The renowned virtualization experts Aaron Parker and Shawn Bass set out on a mission to find proof. They tested folder redirection under favorable and adverse circumstances. In this session they present their findings, giving practical advice about what works and what does not. 

Attendees will learn:
• How folder redirection impacts application performance
• How folder redirection impacts file servers load
• Where folder redirection breaks application compatibility

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