BriForum 2014 Boston - Dwayne Lessner - Advanced Graphics and Audio with VMware View

Presented by Dwayne Lessner

3D graphics are now options for all competing VDI vendors. We’ll take a look at what is needed to support 3D applications with VMware View and find out if it makes sense for your operations team to take on the challenge. This session will talk about the impacts on the network, NVIDA GRID cards and how to architect the solution with an existing environment. We'll also cover new features from VMware that are improving the user experience around real-time audio and learn about the advancements with third party support for VoIP and video conferencing tools.

Attendees will learn:
• What is needed to deploy 3D graphics for virtual desktops in a dedicated fashion
• How to setup and configure GPU's inside of a VMware View Deployment, from Hardware to Display Protocol
• What effect with GPU have on your network and what is needed at the client side
• Attendees will see first-hand the difference in using a virtual desktop with and without GPU's


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