BriForum 2014 Boston - Desktop Virtualization Monitoring Bake-Off, Part 2: Updates and More!


Presented by Shane Kleinert & Jarian Gibson

In Part 1, we set out to provide a high-level overview of various innovative desktop virtualization monitoring solutions on the market. We covered how to choose between solutions, architecture overview, performance/user experience impact and our favorite features. This year were back with Part 2 with a narrowed scope of innovative monitoring products allowing for a more detailed discussion around each of the solutions and updates since last year’s session. Monitoring solutions have been a key topic of interest and we have been working with the different vendors since last year’s session giving feedback and discussing updates. Part 2 will be a build on session from last year. 

In Part 2 we will be covering topics including but not limited to: 
• Product updates and new features 
• More testing on the updates and new features 
• Combining a few solutions to make a single solution 
• Updates to monitoring products
• vGPU/GPU monitoring building a monitoring stack with a few solutions 
• Getting more out of built-in solution

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