BriForum 2014 Boston - Denis Gundarev - Unleashing the Power of NetScaler


Presented by Denis Gundarev

Citrix NetScaler has one of the most powerful policy and expression engines on the market. We will show how to optimize and avoid lengthy expressions. Demos on how to use some of the powerful yet simple features like pattern-sets for powerful rewrite-rules and how to convert those old standard expressions to advanced. How you identify different types of devices like smartphones and tablets to use in your XenMobile/web deliveries. You will also learn about the different advanced features like HTTP Callout to create a white/black list and AppFW for enhanced security. 

This session will cover:
• Convert from standard to advanced expressions
• Identifying clients (smartphones/tablet, etc.)
• Use features like HTTP Callout, pattern sets/string maps for effective expressions when modifying data on the fly
• An introduction to using regex and what it can do for you
• AppFW and what it can do
• Creating a proper StoreFront/NS policy. 
• Live demo!

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