BriForum 2014 Boston - Dan Shappir - Google Chromebook for the Enterprise: Yeah! Or Meh.


Presented by Dan Shappir

Google Chromebooks are gaining popularity: all major PC vendors now make Chromebooks, or plan to start making them in 2014, and they’re a top seller in the Amazon laptop category. According to a report by NPD, Chromebooks accounted for over 9% of PC, laptop and tablet sales through US commercial channels in 2013, outselling MacBooks by 5 to 1. Last but not least, Microsoft is concerned enough by rising Chromebook sales to dedicate a special section on its Scroogled site just to bash it. While Chromebooks were originally designed primarily for consumers, their rising popularity, and low cost are attracting enterprises. Google and its partners are aware of this, and are starting to focus on this market segment as well. That being said, Google Chromebooks still have many limitations that can impede their usefulness as an enterprise platform. Having used Chromebooks for work - even presenting BriForum sessions from a Chromebook - and having worked with several organizations deploying Chromebooks, I have real-world experience dealing with Chromebooks capabilities and limitations in enterprise environments. In this session I will provide concrete guidelines that will enable you to determine if Google Chromebooks are a viable option for your organization and users. I will also highlight tools and applications that can increase the usefulness of this platform for enterprises.

Attendees will learn:
• Technical overview of Chromebooks and ChromeOS
• Understanding the capabilities and limitations of Chromebooks in enterprise environments
• Overview of Chromebook management capabilities
• ChromeOS applications: web applications and beyond
• Options for accessing Windows desktops and applications from Chromebooks


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