BriForum 2014 Boston - Dan Brinkmann - IdP, SAML, OAUTH – New Acronyms for a Cloud World


Presented by Dan Brinkmann

If terms such as IdP, SP, SAML, and OAuth are foreign to you and you're moving to "the Cloud" you need to attend this session. Federated authentication using your company Active Directory credentials using an IdP is an industry standard model. Learn how identity providers and service providers protect your credentials while allowing them to be used with third party untrusted providers. Learn how mobile is using this model to authenticate and protect your identity on personal devices.

Attendees will:
• Learn how an IdP protects your Active Directory credentials while allowing them to be used with a SaaS solution
• Learn the terminology used in federated authentication
• Learn how to use Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services to federate with Service Providers
• Understand the workflow of a SAML authentication request-Basic troubleshooting of IdP/SP authentication

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