BriForum 2014 Boston - Building HAL: The Journey to a True Artificial Intelligence


Presented by Chetan Venkatesh

This session is NOT your usual BriForum fare of desktop internals, feeds and speeds. This session goes where no BriForum session has ever gone before - it talks about what it would take to create a true artificial intelligence (AI) - one that can think, act and reason with sentience. Chetan will cover past AI technologies and how they work, how do today's state of art work (with a focus on IBM Watson) and where the limits of today's technologies are. Chetan will explore frontiers of quantum computing and fundamental new cognition data structures that will eventually get us there. This is a practitioners approach and we will talk about technologies not philosophy. This session promises to rock your world!

You will learn: 

• Why AI is hard to achieve 
• How do today's AI systems work and what can they do for us
• The big fundamental breakthrough happening now that makes AI a reality
• Quantum computing and what it means for AI



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