BriForum 2014 Boston - Brian Katz - Ok, We’re Mobile. Now What?


Presented by Brian Katz

So, you’ve decided to take your company mobile. You’re gung ho about giving everyone a smartphone and /or a tablet. How do you manage it so your whole company benefits from being truly mobile?  This session will talk about how you rollout EMM to your company based upon the size. We will take a look at a few different company scenarios and talk about how to choose an EMM vendor. We will talk about what policies you want to set up and how to set them up to be secure and keep your users happy. We will look at the different ways to deploy EMM and what are the pitfalls for each, and how to be successful when deploying to your user base.


In the end, it’s about having a successful mobile program while avoiding sending your users down the FUIT route. How to rollout EMM based on your company profile. What sorts of policies you need and how to set them up and how to avoid common EMM pitfalls.

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