BriForum 2013 London video: Today's IT Needs to Get with the Times

You like your IT desktop job.  You've worked your way up from the helpdesk to desk-side support to application packager, and are now the chief-desktop-architect-bad-boy of your company.  Wake-up call! If you're not actively retooling your end user computing skillset, you'll be telling stories of hacking Windows 95 INF files in the unemployment lines.  Being an IT professional focused on desktops, laptops and Windows applications has given many of us years of rewarding careers and personal satisfaction helping to make users more productive and companies more secure and profitable.  But as we look back just 3-5 years, it's undeniably a different landscape than it has been since the rise of personal computers in the mid-90's.  This session, featuring David Stafford, will explore where we've come from and leading indicators of where we are heading so that we can anticipate the professional skills and expertise that will be in demand for the next decade and beyond.

Topics covered will also include:

  • Real-life examples of IT professionals caught in the chasm
  • The evolving role of Windows desktop system administration
  • Getting beyond buzzwords like virtual-software-defined-consumer-cloud-ification    
  • Cutting through the BYOD hype and what it really means to our careers   
  • How to shift discussions from technology to something your CEO cares about


Presented by David Stafford

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