BriForum 2013 London video: New Storage Improvements in vSphere 5.1 Help Your Desktop Virt. Project

There are many enhancements to how vSphere 5.1 works with storage and we can use those changes to our advantage when architecting our desktop virtualisation projects.  In this session, Jim Moyle will explore the following:  VMware vSphere VMFS-5 File Sharing Enhancements; Space-Efficient Sparse Virtual Disks; All Paths Down Storage Protocol Improvements; VAAI; Advanced I/O Device Management; SSD Monitoring; Storage I/O Control; VMware vSphere Storage DRS 2.0; and Parallel Storage vMotions.  Some of the above features can have a deep impact on our architectures, and in this informative session you'll learn exactly what those are and how to use them.

Presented by Jim Moyle

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