BriForum 2013 London session video: Going Deep: RDP8/RemoteFX Session Connectivity

Let’s face it: Microsoft has made HUGE strides in remote session performance with the release of Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and RDP8/RemoteFX. As more people begin to adopt these technologies, more people are stumbling on the idiosyncrasies of deploying and optimising the new protocol stack and its features.  This session will peel back the covers and examine, in ghoulishly geeky detail, how the stack works and what it takes to make it sing. Rick will also strive to answer some of the following questions:

  • How does the connection process function? What does it take to make it work?
  • What options are available for presenting desktops and applications to users?
  • What does it take to provide a clean and predictable user experience?
  • How do I secure access over public networks while still delivering the promise of improved user experience?
  • How can I leverage investments in Citrix NetScaler ADC to make this happen? Should I even consider this option?
Presented by Rick Dehlinger

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