BriForum 2013 London session video: Demystifying the Citrix Mobility Stack: The Next Layers of Cake

Corporate email, documents, sandboxed email, and apps of any kind… is that desktop virtualisation like XenDesktop offers (or anything else), or can it be a complimentary mix? Do you care about mobile application management (MAM) and how that works in reality? For years, we got evangelised not to care about devices, but about the user instead. And now, classic MDM has become a Citrix family member! Can you explain what’s behind the curtain? Let’s have a critical approach to the world of XenMobile and the technologies around it and find out the potential new “layers of cake” in mobility solutions. Join Thorsten for a deep-dive technical drilldown on the Citrix mobility stack, based on early adopter field experience and existing customer feedback.

Presented by Thorsten Rood

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