BriForum 2013 London session video: Customise All the Things! How to brand Web and Windows UI

You just finished installing a complex desktop virtualisation environment and are now ready to deliver.  You give your pilot group a URL for web access or a client for remote access and some of the first requests you get are: "Can we put our logo and company colors on this?" "Can we add some information from our other system here?" "What is the deal with all these green bubbles?" Jason Conger, expert and speaker of this session, has seen this countless times on implementing Citrix Web Interface/Netscaler/CloudGateway, Microsoft RDS Web Access, VMware View Horizon Application Manager, and even Windows Applications like the VMware View Client and Citrix Receiver.  He has also found that the techniques in customising the UI on these components are largely the same.  But a little web browser knowledge and some basic CSS understanding will get you a long way.  For advanced admins, throw in some JavaScript/jQuery and Web Services and the sky is the limit.  For Windows apps, understanding compiled resources can help you out where appropriate.  In this session, come learn from Jason easy techniques to get you started as well as advanced integration with remote systems to really connect your systems.

Presented by Jason Conger

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