BriForum 2013 London session video: 5 x 15 with Brian and Gabe

In order to maximise the number of sessions we were able to accept from the community, Brian and Gabe decided to combine their sessions for BriForum this year. (A first for them!) "What should we present?" was the next question we wrestled with.  After all, we had each presented our "standard" topics (future of the desktop, consumerization, etc.) at past BriForums. The challenge for us for 2013 was that we couldn't narrow down our ideas into a single session topic, and many of our ideas seemed fun but we couldn't imagine them being a whole session. So, in this (experimental?) "5x15" session, Brian and Gabe will give five 15-minute mini presentations. Topics will be things on the front of their minds, like what applications will look like beyond 2013, defining data and files, and a light-hearted retrospective on ten years of blogging and BriForum.

Presented by Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth

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