BriForum 2013 Chicago session video: Are RDP8 and RemoteFX Finally Suitable for Daily Use?

How good is Microsoft RDP8/RemoteFX shipped with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 when compared to their predecessors and other competing remoting protocols, such as Citrix HDX? Benny Tritsch and Shawn Bass developed their unique, vendor-independent test methodology and tools, allowing them to visually compare remoting protocols head-to-head. Join them in their session where they walk you through the latest results of their Microsoft-centered remoting protocol tests - including tips and tweaks for performance improvements. After this session you will know if RDP8/RemoteFX suits your needs in terms of different media formats, endpoint devices and network conditions. CAUTION: This session contains elements of interpretive dance.


Topics covered will also include:

  • Learn about the differences of Microsoft RDP8/RemoteFX and other remoting protocols
  • See the RDP8 and RemoteFX performance while using different media formats (text, 2D, 3D, video)
  • Make educated decisions on when to prefer RDP8/RemoteFX over other remoting protocols
Presented by Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass
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