BriForum 2013 Chicago session video: Application Packaging Smackdown

The landscape of packaging tools has changed over the years with acquisitions and the introduction of new feature sets such as application compatibility, virtualization suitability and application virtualization. This presentation will attempt to compare what is often an apples to oranges comparison between products and help you decide on the criteria you should develop before searching for an application packaging solution. Some of these tools are provided with tools you may be already licensed for but if you are looking to spend some money to make an enhancement to your packaging environment where is that money best spent? Kevin and Nicke will bring some clarity to what is often a very complex decision to make when re-tooling or enhancing your packaging environment.

Presented by Kevin Kaminski & Nicke Källén

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If you want a look at the slide deck it is up here.


Good overview of the toolsfield. You missed one of the newer product that is gaining traction in the German and Europeean market. It's the RaySuite from Raynet. It's an "Enterprise Application LifeCycle Management" suite that covers both inventory. license optimization, compatability, packaging, virtualisation and deployment. (Parts can be sold seperately)

I'm working a lot with the full Flexera solution (AS Ent+Virt+Comp) and am happy to use it even if you need to use the full automation to get a decent ROI. I got involved with a product selection job once license renewal came up for one of my customers and in a head to head they match up great.

Street Cred for Raynet comes from their origin as a Packaging solution provider for large European enterprises and they developed tools to support their processes. IN recent years they have productized their internal tools. There's even a SaaS/Cloud option as with Infopulse.


It would be nice to provide audience questions as subtitles as the audio on that part is weak.Mostly from context you can guess the question but it would improve the enjoyment.


@Erwin thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to look at it since this is the first I've heard of it.

Sorry about the audience audio, it must be difficult since there was a fair bit of interaction with the audience in that session. it was good to get interactive but I know it makes it more difficult to follow via video.