BriForum 2013 Chicago session video: 5 Ways to Cut the Cost of VDI (What Vendors Aren’t Telling You)

Many organizations decline to deploy VDI due to the costs required to roll out a virtual desktop solution. We'll examine five ways to cut the cost of deploying a VDI solution. Some of these methods cut the cost of VDI that your vendors and VARs won't tell you because it's not in their best interest. Dan will talk about what you really need, what options really exist, and how that impacts what you will spend to deploy VDI.  

Topics covered will also include:

  • How to take business requirements and use critical thinking to match what solution they really need to deploy in order to solve their business requirements
  • Determine which desktop management solution they need
  • How to cut costs on storage infrastructure, software licensing, endpoints and cutting complexity
Presented by Dan Brinkmann
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