BriForum 2013 Chicago: Windows Tablets in the Real World: Myths Debunked and Lessons Learned

Our mobile users want tablets. We give them iPads and Android tablets. They say they can't do their entire jobs on these tablets. We spend lots of time and money and if we're lucky, we get to 80%.Meanwhile, we haven't replaced any laptops. We've just added cost and complexity. Our users aren't as productive as they can be because they have three devices to carry around.


Windows tablets are more viable than people think. There is a massive stigma attached to Windows tablets that is keeping IT from providing what may be the best and most cost-effective mobile productivity platform for their users. We debunked the myths, learned some lesson along the way, and rolled them out in production in the real world with great success, with technology that is available now.


This session is all about how to meet the tablet demands of your mobile users with your existing skills, toolset, budget, and currently available technology. Don’t turn a blind eye to your users’ request for iPads, instead give them something even more useful. Or, before you invest lots of time and money in an EMM solution for Android/iOS, strongly consider Windows tablets as a viable alternative

Presented by Zach Hughes

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