BriForum 2013 Chicago: Why Folder Redirection Sucks, but is a Necessary Evil

Folder redirection has been around for more than a decade, but has recently come under fire.  Why do some people love this feature (like Nick and Dan) and others despise it (like Shawn)?  Can it really make things worse or cause an outage?  That's precisely what we'll dive into in this technical session.  Nick & Dan will make their case for why Folder Redirection is a necessary evil and Shawn (and likely others from the audience) will likely dispute everything they say.  We'll wrap up this session by looking at some real-world data associated with some of the things related to profile design and folder redirection - namely login times and application latency.  This session will be wildly entertaining and informative - a must attend for anyone who deals with profiles!

Presented by Nick Rintalan & Dan Allen

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